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Hi All

Lions we are about to commence the new Lions Year, 2018 / 2019, and I am really looking forward to a great year, but firstly let me congratulate P.P Lion Chris McCarthy on a very good year. Lion Chris led from the front and achieved most of what he wanted to in his year as President ,

But Presidents are like time, it or they move on and another chapter begins in our club's history.

In this chapter we will re-evaluate where we are as a Lions Club, e.g. are we drifting away from the ideals of Lionism and if so why ???. Do we donate enough time and resources into Humanitarian issues in our community ???? Do we have club outings, outside of projects as a club, if not, why not ????? These are just some of the issues I, as President and our new Board of Directors will deal with in the early stage of this chapter. I can assure you all I have no agenda to turn our club upside down just to suit mine or any body else's needs.

I look forward to penning a full President’s report in the August Bulletin.                    We Serve.....
President Elect / 2nd V.D.G. Elect
Lion Geoff Kilmurray



Lions welcome to a new year in the Lions calendar, the start of a new Board of Directors to steer our club forward, on the direction they choose for our club. This year we have a number of Lions that have not held a Maitland Lions Club board position before and I believe this is a very healthy thing for our club in going forward; new board members not only bring new ideas, but also bring a fresh outlook on the direction we should take as a club. I believe our club needs a very good freshening up and these new board members may assist in doing this.

Lions over the past 6 weeks as District Service Coordinator I have been involved with the District’s Need 4 Feed project. This project is based on trucking hay up from Victoria, and delivering to nominated farmers in our district. To match the Hay drops, our Lions clubs have been putting Hampers together for the farmers also. The farmers whom get a delivery of Hay and a Hamper are selected by the D.P.I. or the Department of Primary Industries. With our involvement in this project this keeps our organisation at arms length with the farmers.

Our first delivery of Hay and Hampers was at the end of June, our base was at Muswellbrook, all clubs in our Zone supplied bathroom packs towards the Hampers, including our club Maitland Lions and also our Branch Club and other Zones supplied something different. 12 clubs were represented in packing the Hampers, 40 in total and 13 semi trailers of Hay.

At the end of July we were at Merriwa Show ground doing it all over again, but this time we packed 76 hampers and delivered 17 trucks of Hay. And again, we had 10 clubs represented in the task. Lions not only do the cattle have no grass, the farmers are very limited to domestic water or portable water. Some weeks ago I asked if I could investigate this issue and this was granted. There are a lot of older farmers who have no portable water at all, this is widely spread from Muswellbrook out to Merriwa back to Singleton.  With the approval of District we now have a volunteer and his truck from Merriwa, and a milk tanker donated by Scott Harvey from Rutherford Milk Carriers and as we speak free water is being delivered to the most needy first.

The next delivery will be at the end of August, location maybe Dunedoo.  If any member would like to partake in this task please let me know. This project I believe will continue while the general public are donating goods and cash. As for our clubs, we have our own humanitarian issues in our own communities to support, and as Lions we should never put our own communities aside, we must assist them first.

Lion Paul had our club B.B.Q. trailer in action on the weekend at the Net Ball, which turned out to be a very cool windy day from all reports. My thanks to Lion Paul and his merry crew for a great job well done all

On Sunday Lions attended the Maitland Markets, with our Gazebo, Table,  and information regarding Lions, We also had a bucket collection for our farmers.  Lions, this turned out to be a very fruitful day.  We answered a lot of questions regarding Lions from mainly the younger section wanting to know what Lions do, plus we took $565.00 in donations for the farmers. This will be a monthly appointment for both Farmers and Lions awareness.

Lions in this Lion year, I believe we need to turn our attention to humanitarian issues in our community and I believe there are quite a few we could select from.  Over the past few years our club has been directed at mostly fund raising, as most of our projects are already calendared out for us. I believe we need to be more selective in whom we support; we need to be more supportive of local issues.

So Members, I would like us to archive two Humanitarian Community Projects this term.  How do we find these projects you may ask? I believe we all know something that we would love to do, to make something better for either someone, or an organisation. Lions, as members of the Greatest Organisation created by Melvin Jones 100 years ago, I believe our club should return to our founder’s ideals of Community Humanitarian issues. I do hope you all come up with a cause to assist and then we will discuss all of them.  I will guarantee that.

Lions in the past the Presidents Motto was my club, my way.  I have never agreed with that terminology.  This pedestal approach is the fastest way to split any organisation big or small.  My motto is "our club", "our way".  

Looking forward to a great year of fun with great people.

We Serve......
President Lion Geoff Kilmurray 


Club news


    Maitland Lions Park has been officially relocated next to Maitland Library.
    Check it out next time you visit the Library.
    Maitland Lions are endeavouring to add more seating to this park in the future.
    Watch that space!!



    The first Club Branch in the District was formed on Monday, 25th September, 2017. Congratulations to all.


    Our new BBQ trailer is ready and waiting to be used for events as required.
    A wonderful project, a long time in the designing and building, but worth it.
    Hopefully it will be a great asset to our Club and to our city of Maitland to be able to help out whenever a BBQ is required.......
    If you require the services of the Lions and our BBQ Trailer, please contact Lion Paul Burnham on 0422 281705


    Lions Club of Maitland has placed two bench seats outside Maitland Railway Station. These seats are a great asset to the community and are being used every day by travellers.

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